Congratulations! Get Your Free Disinfection survival Guide PDF and Discount code

Hey congratulations for watching our webinar, you can download your free disinfection survival guide PDF here. Inside the PDF also is a special discount promo code for our DFY (Done-For-You) Business in a box.

What is DFY Business Box

It’s all you’ll ever need to jumpstart a fool-proof disinfection company of your own!

Purify Global worked intensively for the past crucial months to come up with a business that can generate you the income you desire and at the same time help purify communities in order to keep up with the current challenges. Business in a Box contains absolutely all the essential asset that a competent and relevant company needs – from custom logo to creating a solid social media runway for your business to launch flawlessly; it also has top-notch paraphernalia that Purify Global curated and tested over 10,000 hours of successfully disinfecting and helping established businesses in New York.


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One of the vital keys of having a successful business is knowing when to strike when the iron is hot!

Time is ticking and the moment is ripe and fresh to start a business that is rendered essential and relevant today!

What is in the Box?

To save you time, Purify Global has laid out all the groundwork for you! For a start, you will have a solid and strong foundation that your brand needs: logo, website, ready-to-use social media platforms and assets proven effective. To save you money, the box also contains highly curated apparatus needed in order for the business to function efficiently and effectively. We have tried and tested many tools across our thousands of hours of work to narrow down only the best for you! To top it all off, we are here to assist you every step of the way! 

Online Module Based Leaning Course


Physical Assets



Digital Assets

Business in a Box

Never have you seen a business so easy to establish as this! It’s as easy as ordering pizza online! This box contains the exact carefully-selected equipment, PPE, and chemicals that our own 7-figure business use. We also included the same digital assets, social media, and ads. After 70,000 hours worth of experience, we have mastered the roadmap and developed it to be available for people who want a slice of the pie.

Business in a Box Benefits

Save 70,000 Hours of Work

Our company has devoted time in finding out what works and what doesn’t. What we offer is what has been proven effective thus saving you crucial time doing trial and error.

Start Your Business in 30 Days

All the groundwork has been done for you and there’s really no reason not to start right away upon availing Business in a Box. Time is of essence!

Wordpress Website

Everybody knows that all top-notch businesses have their own bespoke websites and we made sure that anyone who avails the box will get one. Not only does it speak volumes for your company’s integrity but it also serves as vital avenue in showcasing your products and services.

Facebook Ads

Our team has thoughtfully churned out over a hundred ready-to-use ads that were crafted with the right target market in mind. These digital assets can be posted on any social media platform.

Business Coaching

You’ll get more what’s in the box! We’ll be available weekly for you to give assistance and provide essential tips and advice.