Purify Global is at the forefront of the new industry that is Commercial Disinfection Services. Having spent the past months providing disinfection services for hundreds of businesses and successfully disinfecting millions of square feet, it led to developing a 5-Star reputation as a thought leader in this field. Therefore, creating a disinfection consulting model that aims to guide and support those who wish to have their very own disinfecting company.

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We have taken our expertise, manufacturer connections, training process, and field experience and leveraged it to
create a sustainable Disinfection Package for business owners and incoming entrepreneurs to exponentially
lower their business’ overhead costs. We would be more than happy to share with you our formula and secrets via our webinars! Join our growing business community for ongoing consultation, sharing of tips and insights, and more!
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After countless conversations with many clients, colleagues and experts, we have devised an innovative approach in the field of disinfection. Our new model includes completely automated and transparent pricing options directly here on our site. Get pricing options on any configuration and email it directly to yourself in just seconds.


In an effort to streamline the disinfection process that Purify Global has perfected over the last several months we combined our exclusive product offerings into the ultimate value package. Instead of having to source out multiple vendors and worry about availability, now you can come to us directly for all of your disinfection needs.


We offer an array of PPE products that can help you safely disinfect your business, home or vehicle all in one convenient place. After months of research we have sourced the best equipment, chemicals and PPE product that is available. Additionally, all of our items are available and in stock currently.