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25 Gallons Disinfecting Package

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  • EPA Reg # PDF
  • SDS sheet
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Purify Global recognizes that the COVID-19 Pandemic has greatly affected all of us and changed the world overnight. These changes have included the way that your business must operate to effectively navigate this new landscape from a safety and disinfection perspective.

Our featured product packages are built with your business in mind. Our goal was to provide a scalable and affordable approach to having a daily, weekly or monthly disinfection option for your business that is both effective and affordable.

Disinfection services like the ones that Purify Global offers can become costly. This product package option allows you to minimize that cost and do the service yourself. It’s our version of DIY!

For every gallon of the chemical you should be able to disinfect somewhere between 10,000-15,000 sq ft. That means that if your building is 1,000 sq ft that 1 gallon of chemical would allow you to disinfect it daily for a week.

The chemical that is featured in this package is currently being used inside some of the largest super markets in the world, at multiple billion dollar food franchises and as a key chemical for the MTA projects in NYC for daily disinfection. Attached to every order will be the SDS (Safety Data Sheet) for the chemical as well as the EPA approval number for your reference. In addition we have a world class ULV (Ultra Low Volume) electric fogging machine that will allow you to safely and effectively fog your business daily.

We will be sending you a checklist of how to use this machine and chemical. We will also be sending you an instructional video of how to use this application safely. The process won’t take long and will help you keep your business safe for clients and employees.

Additionally since Purify Global is a leader in the disinfection services game and you are partnering with us to help stop the spread we will also be giving you a disinfection sticker to place in your window showing that your business has invested in properly disinfecting to make it a safer place for anyone who walks into your business.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to helping you keep your business safe and prosperous.

Matthew Moreno

CEO – Purify Global