Giving COVID-19 Disinfecting Services for FREE COVID-19 has reached a historical pandemic level and has taken the world by surprise. Millions are already infected and billions of lives are affected as the world stopped living normally and nations are all blindly moving forward, finding ways to cope and survive.

We believe that we may begin to function again as a nation, in relatively normal ways, when we are able to keep essential services available. It is also our belief that helping one another is the main fibre that will keep humanity intact. Thus, our HELPING HAND PROGRAM.

Our program is all about giving free COVID-19 disinfecting services to any individual, business, establishment, or institution that needs help during this trying phase in human history. From time to time we will be announcing our giveaways so please stay tuned for announcements by liking us on our social media accounts and sign-up for our newsletter. We believe in the power of a helping hand.
aged care homes disinfection services

Senior Living Facilities

Like our children, the elderly also have a weakened immune system making them susceptible to infection. Statistics have shown that this disease mostly affects older adults so we must do our best to protect them. Purify Global extends a helping hand by making sure that their surroundings are clean and free of infectious disease-causing organisms.

congregate care facility disinfection services

Congregate Facilities

COVID-19 transmission can be greatly reduced if people practice social distancing, yet in homeless shelters, maternity homes, residential treatment facilities or group homes, this is very difficult to achieve. A lot of shelters are at 100% capacity so the rate of transmission is very high. Purify Global pledges to extend help by ensuring that the living spaces of the guests are safe and clean.
day care center disinfection services

Day Care Centers

We believe that our children are the hope for the future, we must protect them with all that we have. Child care centers have to be disinfect regularly because toys, mats and other high contact surfaces can be a breeding ground for germs. Children are often prone to infection because their immune system is not fully developed yet. Purify Global will see to it that the disinfection process is safe and non-toxic for the children.

We are in the business of helping people and we firmly believe that in order for us to survive this pandemic, we have to work together. We encourage you to be an advocate for these deserving businesses by nominating them for our program. We only have one home, let’s help it heal.
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